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We realize it can be stressful to have a sick child who needs treatment. This is why L&J Pediatrics provides the best care possible. We make sure to pay attention to details while helping our young patients feel comfortable in our practice. Whether you have a newborn, or are looking for a new physician for an older child, we provide the treatment he or she needs throughout their childhood.

Maria Ruiz-Acevedo, M.D., FAAP

is a Board Certified Pediatrician. Dr. Ruiz-Acevedo received her Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and went on to complete her degree at Ross University in 2001. Dr. Ruiz-Acevedo completed her pediatric residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University in affiliation with Liberty Health Jersey city Medical center in 2005. Dr. Ruiz-Acevedo has been practicing in a private practice in South Florida since 2007.


L&J has been established since 1999 serving the Miami Gardens Community. Our staff strives to provide quality care for our patients in a friendly and sanitary environment. We aim to exceed not only our patients, but our patients families expectations, all while doing so in a clean and sanitary environment.

Future parents can schedule a prenatal visit with one of our pediatricians to discuss issues regarding their future newborn and help to most effectively prepare them for the new member of the family. Newborns are seen in the hospital, where the initial groundwork is initiated for effective parenting by offering anticipatory guidance to our parents. Children will receive thorough periodic screening during each health-care visit. During each visit a doctor will determine whether the child is growing/developing properly and whether preventative health care, including immunizations, will be administered. Parents can utilize the pediatric clinic for behavioral or developmental evaluations of their children, and the clinic can offer parents referrals to the many related children’s clinics on the campus, including psychology and early childhood development.

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